Thomas & Thomas

Thomas & Thomas is a team of trained and licensed advisors that has been serving federal employees and Prince George’s County School Board of Education employees for more than twenty years. Each member of our team has a thorough understanding of your benefits.

We work with A Rated Carriers to provide our clients with solutions to their financial planning by exposing them to opportunities that perhaps they were not aware of. We are confident that we have the tools to help us strive to bring the best possible results for our clients.

We strive to develop enduring relationships with our clients that will last so that we will always be available to help you accomplish your financial goals.

The Challenge

Today’s retirees are challenged more than any recent generation ever has.  More than ever before people are living longer. People are now living thirty or more years in retirement.  This means we must plan to take care of ourselves in retirement, for more years than our ancestors did.  We have all heard the expression that “the only thing worse than dying is outliving our money”. We have a strategy that can help you avoid this.