All in One Account

  • Insure Your Dollars
  • Build Your Credit 
  • Do It All From One Account (FDIC Insured Bank)

Start building your savings and meeting your financial goals with online banking.

  • No minimum balance to open
  • No monthly maintenance fee

* Personal loans
* No trips to the bank needed. Do it all on line

Save for the things that matter most to you:

  • A family vacation
  • Down payment on that dream home.
  • A scholarship fund
  • A new car etc.

Life Insurance. The self completing feature.

  • Guaranteed payment to your heirs
  • Provides funds during periods of critical illness
  • 0% interest loans  (after 5 years)

Savings Account

Your account begins with the establishment of a savings Account in a FDIC insured bank from which you can make withdrawals for emergencies. Can be built up to provide the down payment for a home – a car, to build up a college fund a vacation fund or any other useful purpose.

Life Insurnace

The foundation of any sound financial plan begins with Life insurance. It guarantees that from the very first day should something happen to you the amount you intended to leave for your family would be paid to them. There are living benefits too.

0% Interest Loans

After you have had your plan for five years you may Borrow from your cash value at a 0% interest rate.

Critical Illiness

Should you become critically ill, meaning that you Cannot perform at least two activities of daily living, upon being certified by a physician, you may apply for and receive up to 24% of your death benefit amount. That’s money you will not be required to repay, and you may use those funds for any purpose you think fit.

Chronic Illness

If you became chronically ill and so certified  by a medical doctor  you may apply for and receive up to 50% of your death benefit amount and again that is money you will never have to repay.

Payroll Deductions

For federal employees the amount of your planned deposits can be made by convenient deposits through a civil service allotment. It is well known that money taken from your pay check before you get your hands on it is likely to grow and remain in force long after other methods of savings have fallen by the wayside.

Summary of Benefits

A trained and licensed representative will tell you how you may obtain a FREE summary of your retirement benefits. This will be of tremendous help to you in planning for your future needs.

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