403b Employee Benefits Evaluation

Does Your Retirement Add Up?

Protect Your Assets and Those You Love With An Industry Leader.

Now is the time to plan for your retirement. We are Prince George’s County Board of Education approved 403b annuity enrollers. We have done the homework and can help you learn about how we can help you grow your retirement funds.

The Road Ahead

For many, finding new sources of supplemental retirement income is no longer a luxury but a necessity as they begin to prepare for the road ahead. Those who have not saved enough are facing a retirement with as much as a 50% reduction in income. For example a teacher 60 years old with 30 years of service who in his/her high 3 years earned $60,000 per year could find him/her self earning $28,000 per year in retirement. It becomes important therefore to set aside funds that could build up to offset the difference in pay one would be forced to live on.

We Offer You:

  • Guarantee of principal and interest earned, against market risk.
  • Payroll reduction contribution method (as little as $30 bi-weekly)
  • 5% bonus on roll overs 
  • 5% bonus on all additional premiums received during the first 7 years
  • Penalty free withdrawals
  • Competitive interest
  • An income you cannot outlive

There is no charge to you for this service